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Biograph PET-MRI


Ingenia PET-MRI





Biograph PET-MRI Ingenia PET-MRI


Product Benefits

 Interlocks securely onto existing tables  Placed and removed in minutes, minimising downtime
 Lightweight (5kg/11lbs) and indexed  Non conductive and RF compatible
 Cushions can stay in place  Available with custom index markings

PET-MRI radiotherapy overlays is where Medibord excels, as both its MRI compatibility and low gamma ray attenuation come to their full effect simultaneously in one application.

A low weight of less than 5 kg and its high resilience make the overlay highly suitable for rapid changeovers during interdepartmental use of the PET-MRI system. The overlay can be removed within minutes, minimising downtime.

The overlay provides semi-circular recessed indexing points for two-pin bars and other positioning ancillaries.

Advantages of MRI Imaging in RT Planning

 Increased soft tissue definition  Accurate sizing

Advantages of Improved Treatment

 Reduces damage to healthy tissue  Reduces side effects of RT such as:
> Head and neck: salivary glands spared
> Prostate: less damage to rectum and urinary tract
> Cervix: passages less affected

Radio-physical Benefits

 Low attenuation to gamma radiation Fully MRI compatible
 Non-conductive RF compatible


Medibord strives to continuously innovate to enable increased soft tissue definition, reduce damage to healthy tissue and reduce side affects of radiotherapy. We look to empower healthcare professionals with the tools to enable them to minimise downtime with quick changeovers. 

To learn more about Medibord’s PET-MRI radiotherapy overlays, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our experienced team will be only too pleased to help.